Projet: Création de logotypes d'aprés les commentaires d'une vidéo.

Le commentaire ci-dessous provient de la vidéo: "Need For Speed Payback:All Street League Intro Cutscenes" du vidéaste cakechievables.


J'ai pioché les références du projet parmi les réponses de ce commentaire.

Freedom 47 par Jay Aero


Drift League


Name: Freedom 47


Boss : Jay "Degrassi" Aero.


Introduction : "Many ways to put your life on the line. This is how I view my driving. Every move, every shot, even a single millisecond could kill you. I'm Degassi Aero. And this is  the Freedom 47."

The Venom Club par The Phenomenal1


Race League


Boss : King Cobra


Introduction:"We used to race in the canyon 'till the House interfered. Our goal is to take them down. We are purely muscle. I am King Cobra. We are the Venom Club."

Description Logo : Green snake head with a crossed-out Ace of Spades.

Description Logo : Assault rifle AK-47 with a shield and a race flag behind.

Nitro Funk par Rae


Boss : Skidmark


Race League


Introduction : "You like taking it slow, just don't be surprised when we zoomed past you, leaving a trail of fire. They call me Skidmark, and we are, Nitro Funk."

The Rykers par Mr.epicname guy


Offroad League


Boss : T-Bone


Introduction : "One cut will make you bleed, the cops get two. Stolen killswitches  and cop gear make us the real deal. I'm T-Bone, welcome to the Rykers."

Description Logo : Spray painted white X over the Fortune Valley Police Departement Badge.

Description Logo : Two light blue flaming nitrous canisters with the Joker smile.

Samurai's Samurai par Koen Slinkman


Race league


Boss : Josh "Oni" Katsusane


Introduction : "You do not win a race just because of a good car and money. a good driver behind the wheel is what counts. Follow the path of the Samurai and drive with Honor and Determination. This is what make Sakura's Samurai one."

NV8 Outlaws par MrSilnev


Runners League


Boss : Riley "Black Hornet" Ramons


Introduction : "We Operate from the shadows, taking everything those other crew have: money, cars, reputation and turf. When you're backed by The House, nothing is sacred. I'm Black Hornet and we are the NV8 Outlaws."

Description Logo : A skull overelaying an engine block overlaying a casino chip.

Description Logo : Two crossed katana swords above a car and a samurai mask with a cherry blossom in the middle.

The Touge Liners par Bla_keFenrir


Drift League


Leader: Gakuun "Ronin" Haya


Introduction : "For those who do not know, drift is born on the roads of Japan. Americans have appropriated our culture and destroyed it. We are the Touge Liners and we will take it back."

The Lightning Strikers par Spooksy e


Race League


Leader: Franklin "Crazy Fast" Crawford


Introduction : "I think the life's matter is to get every second having fun. That's why we quit  our well paying jobs to live our dream, just us, and the streets. I am Franklin Crawford, and we are Lightning Strikers."

Description Logo : Shield which has a yellow lightning bold with two racing flags.

Description Logo : hexagonal shield with the rising sun and the mount Fuji inside.